Saddlebag / Thigh Patient 10. I have a big problem with jeans .. Im 8 shaped with wide but flat butt .. I feel so chunky, spaghetti strapped tops look hideous on me any suggestions for the summertime? I am pretty sure I am an X can someone with saddlebags not be an X?? Squats and lunges are useful resistance exercises to get rid of saddlebags. If I referred to it as having a long torso thats because I have major issues with all those cute cut-out monokinis. Some helpful exercises to help you burn fat include: squats. Not up high on the stomach, but low. Would I still be considered an 8 shape or am I a mix of two body shapes? Hello Imogen, Saddlebags and banana rolls impart an image . Wow, this is exciting! Thank you! Ill take a look at V-style recommendations, thank you so much! i have never worn a bikini because i have never been confident enough, i have given up in believing there is a swimsuit that will make me feel good. Would anybody recommend a best trouser in terms of the rise? Yes an 8 could have broader or narrower shoulders as the shape is more about the hip shelf rather than width of shoulders to hips so you might find that you take shoulder recommendations from the V shape and work with skirt/pant recommendations for the 8 shape. Anyone who says otherwise is just trying to put you down. I see all these women who are slim + petite like me but theyre non-curvy so they can pull off these modern creative styles effortlessly. It just makes me look lumpy. Finally I understand why most trousers that fit great in the lower hip and thigh area are too tight in the upper hip area. Founded in 2010, Thought Catalog is owned and operated by The Thought & Expression Company, Inc. For over a decade, we've been at the bleeding edge of media, pioneering an infrastructure for creatives to flourish both artistically and financially. I actually asked about this over at youlookfab but came away with split decision lol! This has also helped me immeasurably with my 8 shaped clients. expose sur la poliomylite. I probably really do have square shoulders though, the line is quite straight across and they almost sort of lookfor lack of better term, regal? Saddlebag / Thigh Patient 09. From the first real life photo, I was like okay, thats closer than any other real life body shapes Ive seen on here. And then you said an 8 shape can have narrow shoulders and showed the last girl. i need help with my body type after i had my kids my hips became shaped funny i have this dip after my shelf any sugestions on how to hide it and look good?? I know I have a really long rise, but Im afraid to buy high waisted panties and end up looing like grandma! This one is an oldie but goodie and still gets great results, and celebrities That s why women and men have different body shapes. A post shared by Khloe Kardashian (@khloekardashian). Not too narrow and not too wide. Saddlebag / Thigh Patient 13. I doubt that my body measurement is deviating from the assumed figure in mind until your post introduce a new spoon figure. But these classic siluettes dont look really young or edgy Im even thinking of dying my hair with a crazy hair color so it tones down the classic ness of the whole look. Also, you mention several times that 8s and Xs are mostly long waisted, but my waist is quite short (but long slim legs, so some compensation there I guess :-)) Can one still be an 8 and be short waisted? (ps I also have quite large thighs at the top)Lorna-M. Hello, Im pretty sure that I have an 8 body shape figure. Whats most ideal for people on that end of the 8 shape? My only doubt that Im not an 8 is I dont really have much hips. Normally when 8 puts on weight they either become an H or an O, some may become more A shape too. LIan you are right many 8s do gain weight on their stomach, but some will gain over the buttocks and maintain their waist. Then when I went back to your "What to Avoid 8 Shape" post, it all clicked. I am a 5'3" (just!) Disclaimer: These photographs presented by Dr. Linder represent typical patient results, but not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery will achieve the same outcome. I imagine 8s have some signature modern-casual outfits of theirs own. This is REALLY helpful, by the way, to have a real person to look at. Hopefully that trend will stick around. and I have a really small waist and narrow shoulders and practically no chest so Im on the lookout for styles that actually work for me! tall size 6-8 petite figure 8 who has a short waist and long rise and does not have sloping shoulders? Say goodbye to saddlebags, thick thighs, saggy breasts and any other body flaw that you don't want the world to see! Raise arms over your head and bring your palms together, then lower to the chest. shorts, skirts, jeans) My dilemma is, that especially with very tight things (which smooth out the fat) or looser things (which hide the bumps) high waisted clothing looks good. Okay, so I did some measuring of my proportions yesterday, and it turns out I actually do have a short waist- a really short one- but with a long rise. Hi, Imogen! Also, many 8s are short waisted so when they put on weight they lose their waist and become more like an H shape (straighter through the body). I even started to think that Im H shape. Thanks for making us more confident and beautiful. I have a hard time finding anything that would cover up my high hips, or make them look better. Im petite and very slim, and so I feel many people look at me (and the lady in purple) think straight at first glance. Love this post! 2. There is usually a sweet spot to end tops and have waistbands that is unique to each person, and something you need to figure out when looking in the mirror and trying a bunch of options. The Most Perfect Celebrity Thighs Around. Thanks for posting such useful information about real body types. Otherwise, start appreciating your body you have the same shape as Marilyn Monroe and nobody thought she didnt look fabulous in a swimsuit or lingerie (check out some photos of her). What sort of swimwear do you suggest? This has always been my big body peeve but I am deciding from now on to get over it and move on. Ive never seen my shape on anyone except for my mom and grandma. To up your protein, you can incorporate fish, eggs, and lean meats for a more filling meal with added health benefits. I cant seem to find a working email! Imogen, is the 8 Body Shape the same as what is called a Spoon shape on other websites? Gwen Stefani., A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift). 8s can have either equal width shoulders to hips or narrower shoulders to hips. Hi Babymona you can send one here if you like. Say what you want, but this girl has legs for days. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. As much as I adore pleated and gathered skirts, I look about 20 pounds heavier in them than I do in a more closely fitted straight skirt. saddle bag workout *slim down your thighs*Instagram: @sanne_vanderBUY VNDR official: How to lose weig. I am a size 10 with a small waist and that shelf like hip, including an unsightly dip between my high hip and low hip. On one level, I feel like this is a good trend for me as I have long, thin legs (at least to mid-thigh), but is wearing the voluminous top a bad idea for an 8? What you notice with an 8 shape is that there is a defined waist and then the hip comes out directly from just under the waist at the high hip. So, instead of opting for a pastry or fries as a snack choice, consider eating these healthy options: Processed food also plays a part in accumulating excess fat. I had a session with a stylist once and was told Im an hourglass, but my measurements are off. Lea Michele has really glowed up since her Glee days and were obsessed. I'd do anything to look like this, but unfortunately I'm stuck with an A shape. I do professional analysis as part of my 7 Steps to Style program or you can take my body shape bible quiz and see if you can figure it out that way. What I thought was my waist was actually my high hip all along. Incorporating simple lifestyle changes and daily activity can reduce the appearance of saddlebags as well as improve your overall health. and then it tapers around (sometimes with a hip dip) down to the thighs. . 2010 The Thought & Expression Company, LLC. BistroMD's weight loss program aims to make meals convenient. So I appreciate this post greatly. Then I saw the recommended clothes, thats pretty much the clothes I have (with some small changes in the tops that look more A-ish recommended) for winter clothing. Kudos on a wonderful website! (1995). Kim Kardashian West. I have to say you are the first person to help me understand why a certain style skirt just does nothing for my shape knowledge is power. For more about dressing your 8 shape body read here. Not sure of your shape? 3 Tips To Choose The Best Handbag For Your Body,,,,,,,,,, Happy New Year and Time for a New Focus Word of the Year 2023, Uplevel Your Style in 2023 with Evolve Your Style the Life Changing 31 Day Style Challenge, Seasons Greetings 2022 and a Blogging Break, Inside Out Style Best Personal Style and Personal Brand Posts of 2022, Inside Out Style Best Wardrobe and Shopping Posts of 2022. The technique used in the last nine of the senior author's 43 lower body lifts was modified by fully abducting each operated thigh on a . Depends on the length of the pelvis. Lol. . By the way, do you know a celebrity or fashion bloggers that look like me (8 shape with big boobs and slim hips). AnInvestigation. Thank you so much! (e.g. This article takes a look at the science behind targeted fat loss, and checks if you can slim down specific areas of your body. I still absolutely hate them but im glad to have finally, after years and years, be able to understand myself and the type of clothes a little better! (in inches) shoulder:40 bust:35 waistline:32 hips:39 am I really a figure 8? Nice to know what flared skirts I can get away with, it will make shopping easier. I live in a rural area in new zealand so finding styles that dont look too upmarket is also a challenge . Look for detail around the neckline to help do this. I think I have finally decided I am a short-waisted, busty 8 after all. Ive had good luck with a-lines, which you say to stay away from, so are there any other types of skirts you can recommend? Wow, that's a lovely shape. I personally think peplums were made for boy hips, not high-hip 8s. Thank you! Sorry if this is confusing, Im still trying to understand bodyshapes and figure out what is a realistic size to aim for for weight loss. Thanks Imogen! Anything sitting at the hips usually makes my legs look short and with a long torso thats a horrible look even if youre super tall! Shopping has gotten so much easier, and it really is all thanks to you. Thats usually where youll lose if from first too. Everything else about this description fits my shape almost perfectly. Imogen! Shes freaking Kim Kardashian. ahh, I dont know if my bodyshape will fit in anywhere.Im more like a grail, ornated. What Trinny and Susannah Body Shape Am I. Would I still be considered this shape even though my shoulders are about 1 1/2 inches wider than my hips? Then raise your hips up off the floor so you're in the tabletop position. Celebrities with an 8 shape body include Catherine Zeta Jones and Beyonce. I have this body type, and its like theres no definition yet its simultaneously curvy IMO this type is fussy & requires a lot more attention to detail in order to flatter it. My body shape right now resembles a V stacked on top an O, though a broad one. Just wondering because I really dont want to lose too much off my hips. Open necklines look great on 8 shapes, they draw attention up toward your face. Or maybe current brands just arent catering much to this shape, Go with general 8 shape guidelines which are for balanced shoulders and hips. Role of fat metabolism in exercise. HOWEVER, because my high hip lies where most people would wear their high waisted items, it can also look rather odd wearing things up higher than they should be (of courseit looks terrible having them sit on your widest point so wearing them higher up is the only option!!) with not much waist definition. Lift arms to the sides, palms straight and down. I have slightly narrow shoulders, and I don't *think* I'm particularly bootylicious, but the high hip comment really got my attention. I often look top heavy if I dont wear something fitted on top. Here are some more 8 shape posts there will be tips on outfits in them I did your Evolve your style after much hesitation and loved it. discover how your body variations can best be dressed. You will probably want to dress your upper body as an A shape (narrow shoulders) and lower body as an 8 shape. Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS,, Try This: 9 Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Butt Cellulite. Or simply, do you know of any petite 8 shaped celebrities? Dress each part of you in the shapes that fit best. I would suggest that you may be one of these! I can see where some women would be able to wear straight skirts and pants at the hips, but Im 60 with a long torso (haha Im just long everywhere arent I?) Thank you, Imogen! I think its the smoothness of the waistline that does it. I actually have mild scoliosis so one side has some definition & the other is practically straight I think I am 8! So i guess im askng what is age, shape, and weight appropriate? Let's have a look into them. If I wore any of the cute outfits you show as examples for an 8 shape, I would instantly . There have been fewer clothes out in recent times to flatter this shape all the oversized clothing trends dont work. Dr. Stuart A. Linder is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, that specializes in breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast revision procedures. Celebrities with an 8 shape body include Catherine Zeta Jones and Beyonce. I used to make all my clothes when a girl and young woman for the same reasons as you, I could not find things to fit. I have a relatively flat rear, which tends to droop and grow by width (versus protruding). Please help. Her hips dont lie, and neither does that thigh gap. Saddlebags are predominantly seen in women than in men. So glad I could help! I am wider at the low hip but I do have a bit of roundness up at the belly button, too. Is there any kind of gathered/pleated skirt that can work on 8 shapes? But some of the advice for H and O shapes doesnt feel like it fits so Im left in a very confused position. Before today, I didnt even know what the heck high hips were! Cristal you can be an 8 shape with slimmer shoulders than hips quite common. It's the second biggest reason that I sew for myself it's so hard to find RTW skirts/pants that fit both my butt and waist/high hip area. Im 55 and short waisted. -Holly. Malina I would say more 8 than X not a really pronounced 8 but you seem to have the high hip. A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez). As if I needed another reason to envy her. Alison Yes they can have larger thighs. Ineke yes you can be a bit of a merged shape. Saddlebag / Thigh Patient 08. Hi, I have a definite 8 shape. The tiny bit of overweight is concentrated in one place! (shoulders, high hip and low hip measurements are exactly the same 38 inches; waist is 28 inches; bust is 36 inches). For pants, dress slacks work much better for me than jeans and are much more comfortable. Required fields are marked *. And thank you soooo much for describing these body types I now get why I have such trouble finding pants to fit! Who doesn't love a good thigh? I get compliments when I wear dresses and skirts, never pants. I also have a small bust, sloping shoulders and Im VERY slim, like a tall string bean with a butt. When gaining weight, extra fat may be deposited to thighs. In addition to eating a healthier diet, daily activity can help to reduce saddlebags. Hi, am tall.My measurements are- bust 44, hip 44, waist 38/36, ,shoulder I hourglass, vase or what.tnks a lot. Julie Tankinis are your best option. Here are 20 celebrity thigh gaps we'd just about die for. So I can look up for more fashion inspiration. Thank you. The high waisted trend really does me justice right now! To save time, needless travel and inconvenience, we offer Skype consultations. Theme by 17th Avenue, Hello there! Also, this might be my terrible search skills but Ive noticed most recommended clothes are more appropriate for cooler/cold temperatures than hot temperatures (not swimwear). Saddlebag / Thigh Patient 12. You cant eliminate cellulite completely, but you can minimize its appearance. How To Perform: Lie on your side and bring your knees and hips at an angle of 45 degrees. Wide waistbands work well on trousers and skirts. I'll send you one at the end of the summer and beg for your analysis. Nena you are absolutely an 8 shape with that classic shelf hip. If you're like a lot of women, you're probably interested in minimizing saddlebags. I am v slim but I still carry that 1 or 2 kilo extra on my hips, love handles and lower abs. Thanks you I'm a fan for life.P.S. None of the other body shapes seemed to actually fit me. Hi there, Julie you are an unusual 8 if you have a long waist most have short waists! Im at 33-29-37. If yes, please let me know the email to send the photo to. For your convience, we offer one-on-one virtual consultations with Dr. Linder.
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